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We’re here to get you where you want to be

LaunchPad is a counseling practice located in Richmond, Virginia. Through personalized, interactive support, we specialize in helping children, teens, and adults regain balance when life gets out of hand. Each of our counselors use their distinctive strengths and training in supporting clients reach their goals.

By taking a look at their bios, you will notice each therapist’s focus on individual, couple, or family counseling, and wether they work with children, teens, or adults.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best counseling experience possible, respecting and affirming your personal values, spirituality, racial background, sexual orientation and identity in a safe, secure and non-judgmental setting.

We believe everyone has the ability to find their strength within and fulfill their potential. Our counselors help families:

  • Build and maintain healthier relationships,
  • Reduce arguments,
  • Eliminate power struggles with loved ones,
  • Process difficult or traumatic experiences, and
  • Feel better!

We join kids and adults on their journey to eliminate anxiety, worry, sadness, grief and depression from their lives. We also work closely with parents by providing parenting feedback or helping them overcome individual difficulties.

Because we listen carefully and engage thoughtfully, clients seek us out when they feel stuck in their day-to-day lives. By helping them adjust and respond to stress, they can move toward a more balanced, peaceful, and fulfilling life

We believe that the traditional counseling method of sitting in a chair and talking to a therapist is only one facet to healing. We engage clients with interactive, creative counseling sessions that help them see themselves and their lives from new perspectives by:

  • Including expressive arts and simple mindfulness meditation exercises,
  • Allowing children and adults to go at their own, comfortable pace,
  • Using personalized techniques that resonate with them, and
  • Providing a comfortable environment — emotionally and physically.
  • Envision where you want to be and how you want to feel.

Together, let’s to get you there!

Allie Longworth
Allie LongworthMS, MT-BC
Allie uses music to help teens and adults get moving again when they feel stuck in overwhelming sadness, anger, grief, conflict, or trauma. [Read more…]

Maddie Fetzer
Maddie FetzerLPC
Maddie specializes in helping children, adolescents and young adults overcome difficult life circumstances, become more resilient, and develop healthy self-esteem. [Read more…]

Joy Brock
Joy BrockLCSW
Joy is passionate about working with people of all ages to assist them in developing healthier relationships with themselves and others. [Read more…]
Kate Rey
Kate ReyLCSW
Kate’s experience has focused on helping children that are acting out due to overwhelming thoughts and feelings. She understands that behavior communicates a need. [Read more…]
Josh Brooks
Josh BrooksLPC
Josh helps clients learn to manage intense emotions and create stronger, fuller relationships [Read more…]
Philip Mitchell
Philip MitchellLPC
Philip helps teens, families, and adults overcome trauma, manage challenging experiences, and find positive ways to deal with a wide range of emotions. [Read more…]
Alex Ginsberg
Alex GinsbergResident In Counseling
Deeply committed to helping adults heal from broken relationships, traumatic experiences, and emotional hurt, Alex helps kids and adults find hope and gain a new sense of joy. [Read more…]
Andrew Anderson
Andrew AndersonResident In Counseling
Andrew helps adults and teens navigate family relationships, realign priorities, and develop healthy ways to cope with stress. [Read more…]
Mark Loewen
Mark LoewenLPC, Founder
Mark Loewen helps overwhelmed adults find their way when life becomes too much to handle. He specializes in parenting, relationship difficulties, and LGBTQ issues. [Read more…]
Sheryl Pauson-Price
Sheryl Pauson-PriceScheduler

A Look into Our Space


A warm, comforting environment welcomes you at LaunchPad Counseling.

Because our clients typically engage with LaunchPad while going through difficult emotional times in their lives, providing a nurturing environment is at the heart of LaunchPad.


At LaunchPad, we understand that comfort and trust is highly important for encouraging a meaningful session with our adult clients. We’ve worked to foster a productive therapy experience for you in an appropriate, peaceful environment where your thoughts and your privacy are respected. When you feel calm and encouraged to safely explore your emotions, you can more thoroughly understand yourself and your life from new perspectives — and gain the deep insight that supports emotional strength, health and happiness from within.

Children and Teens

The more your child feels safe and secure, the better able they are to open up naturally and confidently interact during Play Therapy. From the furnishings to the room’s mood, we’ve paid careful attention to building an environment that fosters warmth and care for your child. To truly make progress, they need to feel enabled to explore their emotions — and our safe, calming environment can help comfort and encourage them to open up.

LaunchPad Counseling Office, Richmond VA
LaunchPad Counseling Office, Richmond VA
LaunchPad Counseling Office, Richmond VA
LaunchPad Counseling Office, Richmond VA
LaunchPad Counseling Office, Richmond VA
LaunchPad Counseling, Richmond VA
LaunchPad Counseling Office Richmond VA
LaunchPad Counseling Office Richmond VA
LaunchPad Counseling Office Richmond VA
LaunchPad Counseling Office Richmond VA
LaunchPad Counseling Office Richmond VA
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