Hitting a brick wall? We can help you get unstuck.




Every parent reaches a point when they
don't know how to support their child emotionally.



Daily Struggles?

Feeling held back by past
emotional wounds and trauma?

Pain and suffering doesn't
have to be your way of life.
We can help!


A Look Into Our Space

A warm, comforting environment welcomes you at LaunchPad Counseling.


Because our clients typically engage with LaunchPad while going through difficult emotional times in their lives, providing a nurturing environment is at the heart of LaunchPad.


At LaunchPad, we understand that comfort and trust is highly important for encouraging a meaningful session with our adult clients. We’ve worked to foster a productive therapy experience for you in an appropriate, peaceful environment where your thoughts and your privacy are respected. When you feel calm and encouraged to safely explore your emotions, you can more thoroughly understand yourself and your life from new perspectives — and gain the deep insight that supports emotional strength, health and happiness from within.

Children and Teens

The more your child feels safe and secure, the better able they are to open up naturally and confidently interact during Play Therapy. From the furnishings to the room’s mood, we’ve paid careful attention to building an environment that fosters warmth and care for your child. To truly make progress, they need to feel enabled to explore their emotions — and our safe, calming environment can help comfort and encourage them to open up.

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