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Quotes and Articles by LaunchPad Counseling


Gray Divorce

Boomer Magazine

Mark Loewen is quoted on the growing trend of ‘gray divorce’, where couples in their fifties and older, who in the past would not have considered splitting up, are now feeling more empowered to do so. Read more…

Parenting Your Show-off Child

Richmond Family Magazine

Mark Loewen writes on the often hidden meaning behind show-offy behavior in children, even when that behavior appears socially acceptable. He talks about attention getting, perfectionism, self-worth and a need for validation. Read more…

Middle School Daze

Richmond Magazine

Mark Loewen is quoted saying, “You are putting yourself out there all the time for people to judge, and your posts compete with everyone else’s,” says Mark Loewen, founder of LaunchPad Counseling. “Every ‘like’ counts.”
It’s common to see a tween obsessively checking their phone after posting a photo or video to watch the “likes” add up” Read more…

Speak up for Minority Youth

Mark Loewen  states,”A child changes everything. As a parent, you start seeing things from a completely different perspective. Whereas you would not have bothered before about cars driving too fast on a suburban street, now you find yourself yelling out, “Slow down, there’s kids in this neighborhood!” Read more…

Kids, Creativity, and the “B” Word

Mark Loewen  writes,”So what is a busy parent to do when children are bored? Let them. Being bored is an important part of development. Like other feelings, it serves a purpose. Sadness helps us reach out to others, and anger moves us to create change. Boredom fosters creativity. Because parents are such great problem-solvers, most of us are quick to suggest ideas for stopping that feeling of being bored.” Read more…

Why We Love Hands-on Grands!: Extra Support is a Win-Win for Families

Having grandparents involved strengthens families and individuals, says Mark Loewen, LPC, of LaunchPad Counseling. “There can be a strong bonding that occurs that expands kids’ abilities to form attachments,” he says. “A healthy family in general will help kids see the world in a positive light; they will assume the world is full of good people.”  Read more…

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