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Attachment Parenting Your Special Needs Child

Good Therapy


Attachment parenting and special needs go hand in hand. But this high level of involvement can be challenging. We’re taking a look at the many benefits of attachment parenting for the special needs child, and how you can overcome the obstacles.

Mark Loewen, LPC,  a child therapist in Richmond, VA, says that because children with special needs often struggle with interactions that are crucial for creating attachment – such as eye contact, physical touch, and emotional attunement – encouraging these behaviors requires more parental effort than usual.

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When Does Protecting Your Kids Become Over-Parenting

Good Therapy

By Mark Loewen, LPC

A child changes everything. As a parent, you start seeing things from a completely different perspective. Whereas you would not have bothered before about cars driving too fast on a suburban street, now you find yourself yelling out, “Slow down, there’re kids in this neighborhood!”

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7 Signs Your Pre-teen Girl Might Be In Danger

By Teensafe

According to the Center for Disease Control, suicide rates among girls ages 10-14 has increased 200% since 1999. What are the reasons for this new data? And how can parents be mindful of the risks of depression and anxiety for their preteen girls?

“Depression weakens the reward system in the brain, which means that teens experience less pleasure performing activities they used to enjoy,” says Mark Loewen, LPC

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Help I Don’t Like My Child

Daily Parent

By Andrea Williams

For many women, being pregnant is one of the most exciting times in their lives, and while stretch marks, constipation and swollen feet may bring minor dismay, it still does little to diminish the joyful anticipation of meeting their babies for the first time. But many parents fail to realize that those first days and weeks of being Mom and Dad to a tiny infant who does little more than eat or sleep eventually give way to years of parenting adolescents and teens who have free-willing minds, distinct personalities and, often, a tendency to butt heads with the very people who love them the most.

“The love connection between
 people changes as relationships mature,” says Mark Loewen, LPC

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10 Things You Should Never Say to a Heartbroken Teen

Good Housekeeping

By Good Housekeeping Web Team

We’ve all been teenagers in love – and now many of us are raising teenagers who are bound to go through their own breakups and loss.

Don’t try to downplay the natural reaction – and need – to express emotional pain. ‘When they see their child experiencing disappointment, parents often want to fix it and eliminate the negative feelings,’ says Mark Loewen LPC

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6 Expert Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media

By Kyli Singh

Today’s kids are more social media savvy than ever. A whopping 80% of teens online use some form of social media, and they’re sharing more information about themselves on social networks than they have in the past.

While growing up online has its benefits, it poses new risks. Between cyberbullying, oversharing and giving into peer pressure, a child’s misuse of a social network can turn into a serious problem.

“When kids feel ‘it’s never going to happen,’ they are more likely to set up their own, secret profile,” says Mark Loewen, LPC

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How to Make Kids Like Vegetables

By Elaina Verhoff

What if getting kids to eat their veggies didn’t have to be a struggle? We asked dietitians, food bloggers and a child psychologist to share their tips on how to make vegetables more approachable to kids.

Mark Loewen, LPC, a child therapist in Richmond, Virginia, has worked with his share of picky eaters. His advice? Relax. Power struggles will only intensify the picky eating behavior. “Make sure you use a soft tone of voice. You can empathize with your child by saying something like, ‘I know you don’t like X. Let’s work on it together.”

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7 Ways to Make Moving & Changing Schools Easier on Your Teen

By Judy Dutton

It’s every teen’s worst nightmare: their parents announce they’re moving. New town, new friends, and last but not least, new school. While transitions like this can be tough at any age, for teenagers — with the premium they place on friendships and their status among their peers — it can seem like the end of the world is at hand.

“Even the changes in logistics, like teachers, homework, and classes, can increase stress in the child and have a negative effect on grades,” says Mark Loewen, LPC

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5 Ways to Raise Kind Kids

By Judy Dutton

I’ve taught my daughter many things — letters, numbers, nursery rhymes. But one thing I haven’t taught her, at least in a formal way, is how to be kind.

“The first reaction of a parent who just saw their child hit someone is to make them apologize. After all, we want out child to learn manners,” says Mark Loewen, LPC

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When Are Kids Old Enough to Walk Somewhere Without an Adult

By Judy Dutton

The continuing kerfuffle over free-range moms letting their kids walk around town unattended by an adult has many parents wondering: At what age can my kids head out to a playground or walk to school on their own … without the cops showing up on the doorstep?

“If the child wants to start walking to school or to a friend’s house, parents can walk with them, and let the child lead, or even walk behind the child,” suggests Mark Loewen, LPC

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Brothers & Sisters Sharing a Bedroom: How Old is Too Old?

By Judy Dutton

When they’re young, it’s fun for siblings to share a bedroom. The pillow fights! The shadow puppet shows! Only if those siblings are boy and girl, many parents agree that this innocent arrangement can’t continue indefinitely.

“Signs to look out for include when one of them locks the bathroom or bedroom door when changing or asks the other to stay out, an increase in comments about the sibling being the opposite gender, or a growing curiosity about sexuality issues, gender differences, or physical changes,” says Mark Loewen, LPC

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10 Money Lessons Kids Should Know by Age 10

By Judy Dutton

Kids may learn a bit about money by playing Monopoly, but the best lessons come from real life — and it’s never too soon to start teaching them the fundamentals of personal finance.

“Together, make a list of all the items your child wants to buy,” says Mark Loewen, LPC “Then calculate how much it would cost. ”

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Are Toy Cell Phones Bad for Kids?

By Judy Dutton

Given how often parents are glued to their cellphones, it makes sense that their toddlers would want one, too — and that toy cellphones have exploded in popularity. Some models teach numbers, others sing songs.

Overall, experts say that toy cellphones are no reason to worry. “Part of healthy identity formation for children is to play out adult activities, such as shopping, dressing up, or cleaning,” says Mark Loewen, LPC

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7 Signs Your Teen May Be Depressed

By Judy Dutton

Society loves portraying teens as moody, mercurial creatures — and sometimes, your kid may fit that stereotype to a tee. But before you chalk up your child’s next hissy fit to hormones, know that sometimes, something more serious could be going on: depression.

“Although we tend to think of depression as sadness, teenagers often react to depression with a higher level of irritability: their behavior often becomes more apathetic, grumpy, and indifferent,” says Mark Loewen, LPC

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10 Ways to Get Kids to Clean Their Rooms

By Judy Dutton

It’s a scientific fact that kids leave chaos in their wake — so convincing kids to clean their rooms may seem like a futile battle. Yet believe it or not, there are ways to teach your young’uns to pick up that jumble of toys, clothes, and other unidentified objects without having to constantly hound them or do it yourself.

“Chores work best when they have to be executed in the same way, at the same time, with the same frequency,” says Mark Loewen, LPC

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How Forcing Kids to Share Is ‘Traumatizing’ Them

By Judy Dutton

It’s an all-too-common scenario: Two kids want to play with the same toy. What’s a mom to do? Tell them to share — and if they resist, enforce this golden rule? Because it’s good for kids to share, right? Well, not necessarily. There’s been a backlash against sharing of late … and some experts say it’s the last thing parents should push on their kids.

“Parents need to recognize that the ‘mine, mine’ stage is very important in the toddler years, since it establishes boundaries and belonging,” points out Mark Loewen, a therapist in Richmond, Virginia. “Just as we teach a child not to touch something because it’s not theirs, children apply that lesson to others who want to touch something they consider their own. Two- or 3-year-olds who don’t want to share something are not unkind; they are just establishing their boundaries.”

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5 Mistakes Moms Make When Moving Toddlers From Crib to Bed & How to Avoid Them

By Judy Dutton

You’ve gotta love how cribs keep babies penned in a safe area to sleep — they’re like jail cells but far more comfortable. Then one day, you hear a whump as your toddler pulls a ninja move and climbs out … and this, mamas, is where the true test of your bedtime skills begins……”Toddler beds often have very short rails, or none at all,” says Mark Loewen, LPC

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Gray Divorce

Boomer Magazine

By Joan Tupponce

Mark Loewen, LPC is quoted on the growing trend of ‘gray divorce’, where couples in their fifties and older, who in the past would not have considered splitting up, are now feeling more empowered to do so. Read more…

Parenting Your Show-off Child

Richmond Family Magazine

By Mark Loewen

Mark Loewen, LPC writes on the often hidden meaning behind show-offy behavior in children, even when that behavior appears socially acceptable. He talks about attention getting, perfectionism, self-worth and a need for validation. Read more…

Middle School Daze

By Jessica Ronky Haddad

Mark Loewen, LPC is quoted saying, “You are putting yourself out there all the time for people to judge, and your posts compete with everyone else’s,” says Mark Loewen, founder of LaunchPad Counseling. “Every ‘like’ counts.”
It’s common to see a tween obsessively checking their phone after posting a photo or video to watch the “likes” add up” Read more…

Speak up for Minority Youth

By Margaret Nimmo Holland

Mark Loewen, LPC states,”A child changes everything. As a parent, you start seeing things from a completely different perspective. Whereas you would not have bothered before about cars driving too fast on a suburban street, now you find yourself yelling out, “Slow down, there’s kids in this neighborhood!” Read more…

Kids, Creativity, and the “B” Word

By Mark Loewen

Mark Loewen, LPC  writes,”So what is a busy parent to do when children are bored? Let them. Being bored is an important part of development. Like other feelings, it serves a purpose. Sadness helps us reach out to others, and anger moves us to create change. Boredom fosters creativity. Because parents are such great problem-solvers, most of us are quick to suggest ideas for stopping that feeling of being bored.” Read more…

Why We Love Hands-on Grands!: Extra Support is a Win-Win for Families

By Paula Peters Chambers

Having grandparents involved strengthens families and individuals, says Mark Loewen, LPC, of LaunchPad Counseling. “There can be a strong bonding that occurs that expands kids’ abilities to form attachments,” he says. “A healthy family in general will help kids see the world in a positive light; they will assume the world is full of good people.”  Read more…

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