Parent Coaching LaunchPad CounselingWe recognize that being a parent is very hard work. You can read all the books (if you have time!), which sounds good on paper. But often, applying what you learn with your family is a whole different issue. And with the plethora of self-help parenting books on the market, weeding through the guidance to find what works can quickly consume your time and energy.

With LaunchPad’s counseling services for parents in Richmond, Virginia, we work with you to help you improve your family’s happiness and relationships through personalized guidance.

We often find that Parent Coaching, Counseling, and Feedback run together. Learning to separate who you are, your past experiences, and how this affects your parenting can be hard. We will join with you in discovering what’s best for you, your child and your family, so you enjoy your family life, grow closer together, and experience rich relationships.

Every parent that brings their child to LaunchPad Counseling receives feedback on their child’s progress and the themes that we work on together in session (e.g., fears or worries that their child may be struggling with). As a LaunchPad client, you’ll receive advice on how to respond to your child’s behavior, based on their individual circumstances. Sometimes, we may do a check-in with parents as the session begins or ends. We may also schedule a separate appointment to provide more extensive feedback, if needed.

Most children and teens that come to LaunchPad Counseling benefit from talking to a counselor without having the parent present. By providing this environment, we allow them to express exactly how they feel without worrying about what anyone will say. The presenting issue may raise personal feelings in the parent (e.g., when addressing the effects of divorce or the loss of a loved one). When children and teens are allowed this personal space, issues can be addressed directly. Depending on what brings them in, children and teens often benefit from individual counseling more than family sessions. We treat what’s discussed in session with limited confidentiality.

Parent Coaching helps you with specific tools to support your child at home. This consists of practical suggestions, such as: managing your child’s intense emotions, following a personalized system of rewards and consequences, or avoiding power struggles.

Would you like to end the tantrums and power struggles? Would you like to enjoy the time with your children more? Do you wish to feel confident with your parenting skills?

Parenting is a tough job. Not only does your child come with no attached instructions, but the world is full of contradicting messages about parenting. Your friends, parents, and neighbors may all have differing suggestions — yet, you may still feel at a loss for how to help your child and family. LaunchPad’s counselors work with you and your family’s specific dynamics to address the core of your relationships. Every parent-child relationship is different. What works for one family may not work as well for another family. So, we take discipline approaches that have proven successful for thousands of parents and personalize them for your family’s needs and circumstances. We understand that you want to enjoy the time with your family and that you love your kids, and you want them to know it. Receiving appreciation back for your parenting love and concern would feel nice — and this is a completely normal sentiment! We specialize in helping you regain control, so you restore harmony in your home and with your loved ones.

Adjusting to being a parent – or dealing with your children at their different age levels – can bring up feelings you’ve been holding from both your previous and current life. We will support you in addressing your experiences and how they impact your relationships with your family and your child.

Parenting is so much more than the verb it represents. Parenting is not just about doing Item A or Item B. You ARE a parent, which can change your identity, your relationships, and your worldview. And as a parent, you bring in your own past experiences, current circumstances, relationships, and all the thoughts and feelings that come along with this incredible journey. Along the way, needing a space to process how you feel about your children or your own parent identity is common. Big changes happen inside of a parent, and these changes continue as parent and child go through different life stages together. When parents understand themselves better, they can be a better mom or dad and role model for their child. LaunchPad’s counselors in Richmond, Va., believe in the importance of family involvement in your child’s counseling session. Although helping children through individual counseling services is common at LaunchPad Counseling, we believe working concurrently with parents to help them address the various difficulties they’re also having is integral to a family’s healing process. We will join you in finding balance in the problems coming in the way of developing healthy relationships with your child, so you can get your “Zen” back and reclaim happiness in your family’s life.