Mark Loewen, LPC

Mark Loewen Counseling RichmondMark Loewen helps overwhelmed adults find their way when life becomes too much to handle. He specializes in parenting, relationships, and LGBTQ issues. 

Mark was born in Asuncion, Paraguay where he completed his BA in Marketing. Then, he decided to shift gears completely, follow his passion, and complete his master’s degree in Counseling in the United States.

Mark helps men and women find their way when they feel lost. Clients seek him out when life becomes too much to handle. Unfulfilling relationships, difficult past experiences, or struggles with self-acceptance can leave a feeling of emptiness. Sometimes the result is internal chaos.

Mark’s kind personality and candid sense of humor allow clients to safely discuss emotional stress without feeling judged. He balances introspection

and practical problem-solving so that clients can discover their own path toward happiness and peace of mind.

Mark has a particular passion for working with the LGBTQ community. As a gay male himself, he is grateful for the opportunity to join people on the whole spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity in processing their unique struggles and finding peace in total self-acceptance.


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