LGBTQ Counseling


LaunchPad Counseling is an LGBTQ-friendly practice.  We provide mental health and wellness services to individuals, couples, families, teens and children.

LGBTQ Counseling Richmond VA

Life is full of challenges. As members of the LGBTQ community, those challenges can have an added layer of complexity. At LaunchPad Counseling, we help you navigate your own unique experience.

Adult Counseling

You may find yourself feeling unfulfilled, lacking purpose and maybe a little lost. You may experience stress around coming out, self-acceptance, or relationship issues. As you become more comfortable with who you are, other issues may arise. We help you move past the what keeps you stuck, toward emotional balance and a renewed sense of joy.

Couples Counseling for same-sex partners

Helping you find balance around roles and responsibilities, establishing better communication and increasing intimacy are some of the benefits of couples counseling. We help couples communicate so that both sides feel heard and understood. Couples often interact in the same pattern. We help you identify the changes you want to make. And, we support you in creating the relationship you really want.

Parent Coaching for same-sex parents

Being a parent is not easy. Every child is different, so what worked for someone else may not work for you. Parent Coaching can help you understand how to better manage common power struggles and conflicts between parents and their children. We provide you with tools that will make you feel more effective, and more importantly, enjoy the time you spend with your kids!

Family Counseling for families with same-sex parents

Sometimes it seems as if each member of the family speaks a different language, leaving you feeling like you are talking to a wall. Family counseling can help you and your children communicate better and resolve family issues – enriching the family experience for everyone.

Counseling for families with LGBTQ children

Children and teens see the world through different eyes than adults. This can be even more challenging for LGBT kids. Often parents and children feel disconnected around issues of sexual orientation, sexual identity or gender. Sometimes issues aren’t related to sexuality at all, but still disrupt your relationship. Learning to relate to your LGBT or gender non-conforming child is an important aspect of parenting that we can help you work through.

Counseling for LGBTQ teens and their parents

Adolescence is a time for exploration. This includes coming to terms with sexual identity, whether your child is gay, straight, trans- or cisgender. At LaunchPad Counseling, we help your child navigate the ever-changing terrain of their teenage years, while proving you with the support you need to help them live their best life.

Family Counseling for families where one parent has come out

Life transitions can change the family landscape. Each member of your family may be in a different place regarding your coming out. We can help you and your family learn to manage the impact these change may have on attitudes and relationships.

Counseling around gender identity

Children and adults whose gender identity doesn’t match their assigned gender face many challenges. Counseling allows you to process feelings that stem from difficult experiences and complicated relationships. Through affirmative counseling, trans individuals discover self-acceptance and create supportive relationships with others. Short term/brief counseling and a recommendation letter is often required by physicians before hormone treatments or surgeries. At LaunchPad Counseling, we are honored to partner with you in reaching your goals on this cumbersome journey.