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Kari Randall, LPC Richmond VAKari empowers children and adults to overcome personal obstacles that prevent them finding peace with themselves and their loved ones.

Kari is originally from Buffalo, New York, where she completed her BA in Psychology.  She moved to Richmond, Virginia in 2008 to pursue her MS in Rehabilitation Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Kari is passionate about helping children and adolescents who are on the Autism Spectrum, which lead her to specialize in Applied Behavioral Therapy (ABA).  She is currently pursuing her play therapy certificate, which allows her to apply evidenced-based interventions to children ages five and up, using games, expressive art and music to help clients communicate about difficult topics. Inspired by how effective play therapy was in helping her clients express themselves, Kari adapted these play therapy and expressive arts techniques to her work with adults. She seamlessly integrates these modalities in her work with adults to make them feel more comfortable and greatly increase her clients’ insight into their lives, and learn to love and accept themselves.

Kari has extensive experience in working with children, teens, and adults. She began by helping elementary-aged children within the Public School System to cope with strong feelings and emotions, manage difficult situations such as parental divorce or trauma. She also has extensive knowledge that stems from providing in-home behavioral therapy services to children who are diagnosed with developmental and neurological disabilities such as Autism, ADHD, ODD, Communication Delays, and Intellectual Disabilities. Kari has a unique ability to counsel children with developmental disabilities by using a strength-based approach to promote individualized growth. Her playful personality draws in any child, and allows her to quickly build safe and secure relationships, even with children who struggle to form such bonds.

In her work with adults, Kari joins adult individuals or couples to explore how their life could be improved. She helps clients who experience feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and anger. She assists men and women in changing self-defeating thought patterns, negative behaviors, and self-esteem issues. Personal and professional experiences have impacted Kari’s devotion to working with women with genetic predispositions. She provides education on preventive options, supports the rebuilding of self-esteem and femininity, and embracing the new body after reconstructive surgery.

Kari focuses on the relationship between the mind and body by providing a holistic approach to physical health, nutrition, sleep, and stress management. She feels privileged to do this work, which allows her to join with her clients towards emotional healing.

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