Couples Counseling

Regain a healthy balance and reconnect again!


Couples counseling, LaunchPad Counseling Richmond VABeing in a relationship can be a wonderful thing. You can draw comfort and support from your partner. You can create beautiful memories. Being partnered can also push you towards growth like nothing else can.

And at the same time, the maintenance of a relationship takes work on so many levels. Maintaining a relationship can be the hardest thing you will do.

However, the growth that comes from it is invaluable. Learning to positively deal with disagreements pays off immensely.

Couples Counseling Can Work for You

Couples are often overwhelmed at the start of couples counseling. You may feel that issues have been ongoing for so long that it’s hard to tell where things started to go wrong. At the first session, you may not know where to begin. One of you may be happier to come to counseling than your other half.

Couples who come to LaunchPad for counseling usually have tried to resolve their differences countless times before, with little success. Each time you tried to address an issue it seemed that things improved for a short while. But old habits die hard. Before you knew it, you were stuck with the same problem again.

A trained counselor can point to deeper meanings behind your disagreements and address those with long term solutions.

At LaunchPad, we offer couples counseling to both traditional and non-traditional couples. In today’s world, there are as many different relationship dynamics as there are couples! We recognize that every couple is different. That’s why we offer couples counseling that identifies your specific strengths and challenges.

Learn More About You and Your Partner

Some couples start the counseling process with a good idea of what kind of change they want to see. Others struggle to identify where to even begin.

The experienced counselors at LaunchPad Counseling are equipped to help you learn more about yourself and decode the ongoing patterns of behavior that keep you and your partner stuck in conflict. We create a safe, nonjudgmental space for partners to understand one another, facilitating the development of a healthy balance within your relationship.

Intimacy and Trust are vital to any relationship. They go hand in hand, and can’t exist without the other. Intimacy and trust allow partners to express themselves in ways that verbal communication does not allow. LaunchPad Counseling provides a secure place to explore your difficulties with intimacy, and help you get to the root of conflict. If you are in a relationship where intimacy is taking a back seat to the stresses of daily living, or you and your partner struggle with trust issues, we can help. LaunchPad Counseling is a place where you can move toward regaining the safety, comfort and connection that is at the heart of every healthy relationship.
Do you and your partner have a hard time communicating? Do you feel misunderstood, or that you aren’t able to fully express how you feel to your partner? Open, honest communication is essential to the cultivation of a healthy relationship. As relationships grow deeper, open communication requires emotional honesty and vulnerability. The one you love the most has the greatest power to hurt you as well. As you and your partner grow closer or father apart, communication becomes more emotional. Some studies suggest that verbal expression is only about 17% of all communication, so no wonder it gets complicated. Our experienced counselors at LaunchPad Counseling can provide you with the tools you’re seeking to your enhance communication.  You can feel safe and understood in your relationship. It is possible!
As a couple, changes occur that are both planned and unplanned. However change happens, life transitions introduce stress into a relationship through upheaval and intense emotions. Whether life changes are related to parenting, family, finances, trauma, or health, our counselors at LaunchPad Counseling can meet your unique needs, while helping you navigate the new demands that change can brings to your relationship. Change is inevitable, and if you can adjust to it, it can make you stronger.
Career changes can have a broad impact on lifestyle through shifts in salary, location, hours, or occupational demands. These kinds of changes, both at home and in the workplace, can affect your relationship on a variety of different levels. Work-Life balance is one of the biggest threats to family life and romantic relationships. At LaunchPad Counseling we equip couples with the skills and resources to establish a sensible and effective balance. You can learn the skills to promote a supportive relationship between you and your partner.