Partnering with a parent coach to become the best parent possible is a great plan.

You have a stack of parenting books, dog-eared and bookmarked, crowding your bedside table. But you need help now. Your head is full of your loved ones’ good intentions and hand-me-down childrearing advice. But it doesn’t seem to fit your family.

You’re feeling pressured and stressed, your parental confidence is lagging. But you don’t know what to do differently. You don’t need something vague, or generalized. You need something that will specifically address your personal concerns.

A Parent Coach helps you identify trouble spots and challenges.

You may not even know where to start. A parent coach listens closely and asks questions to help you nail down key issues. You have the chance to examine and eliminate the barriers that keep your family stuck.

  • Does your teen rebel when you lay the ground rules?
  • Does your child consistently test limits?
  • Is your family wrestling with the emotional toll of divorce?

You and your coach will take a close look at what you want to change in your family dynamics. Then you collaborate in identifying specific steps to start heading towards creating more positive family interactions.

A Parent Coach provides focus and gives you direction.

You don’t need to spend more time indulging the priorities of other people, stereotypical family norms, or old parenting tactics.

What works for others may not be what works for you. Your parent coach will help you pinpoint your family’s strengths, use them in a way that will decrease negative interactions, and as a result, bring to life healthy family dynamics.

Maybe time-outs aren’t working for you. Your child may not respond to incentives that motivate your friends’ kids. Your coach will troubleshoot with you to focus on areas that may create a domino effect. Work on some key areas, and see how change can happen on a larger scale.

Coaching and collaboration help shift the focus from negative experiences in your parenting efforts to untapped strengths that will shape and solidify your family goals.

A Parent Coach provides strategies to build strong relationships.

Clear, meaningful communication is tough enough to do well in your adult relationships. The added challenges accompanying your children’s developing minds, combined with your own issues, may be too much.

A well-executed plan can help.

Your parenting coach will show you how to eliminate ineffective ways of interacting with your children. Coaching suggests alternatives, reduces frustration, and heads off misunderstandings. By committing to change, you’ll soon notice the following transformations:

  • You and your partner will learn to operate on the same parenting page.
  • Your interactions will be characterized by fairness and consistency.
  • The whole family will feel less stressed and much happier.

A parent coach can help you reduce negative interactions while forming stronger relationships and loving connections.

A Parent Coach helps your develop confidence as a parent.

After just a few weeks, you may be much better at managing disciplinary expectations, following through on rewards and consequences, and simply applying a family chore system. You may encounter less resistance from your children, too. Parenting is easier when you are confident in your ability to raise your children.

Working with a parent coach yields many positive results. Some parents only need a few meetings to get “unstuck” in their parenting strategies. Most parents that use a parenting coach enjoy the following results:

  • A partner or co-parent that feels supported and respected.
  • A calmer household. The power struggles will end.
  • Dwindling fighting, defiance, and disrespect.
  • Productive, accountable children who will make better choices more often.
  • More energy. Parenting is no longer as exhausting.
  • A return to fun. Your family can relax and enjoy each other.

If you are ready to take a closer look at family dynamics that may be keeping you from enjoying your time together, contact us or schedule an appointment online.