Make Coming Out Easier on Yourself (and Everyone Else)


Coming out as LGBTQ  to family or friends may seem daunting

What will their reaction be? Will I be accepted for who I am? Will they be disappointed? How will I respond to their reactions? These are very valid before coming out. You may not know the answer if you don’t make that terrifying move. Yet, the rewards of being open and honest with who you are can mean a world of difference. And, in my experience as a counselor for LGBTQ clients of all ages, it usually goes better than expected. Here are some tips to make this experience the most successful.

Coming Out Tip #1:  Make a Plan

The Human Rights Campaign recommends making a plan to weigh your options and make the process as smooth as possible. Some suggested questions include:

  • What will you […]
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#WeAreOrlando: Trauma in the LGBT Community

The recent violent events in Orlando highlight an important issue for the LGBT community. Namely, that so many in the community experience trauma, whether large or small. When triggered, it can bring up all kinds of emotions. It is important, therefore, that you talk about these feelings instead of bottling them up inside. Otherwise, they can come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

Microaggressions towards LGBT individuals Trigger Trauma

The Human Rights Campaign reports that over half of LGBT youth experience verbal harassment. These are called microaggressions, wherein you experience low-level bullying on a daily basis. Perhaps you have been a victim of microaggressions such as:

  • Name-calling
  • Being ignored
  • Staring
  • Slurs
  • Snubs
  • Indirect negative remarks
  • Not being able to associate with others (like at a lunch table).

Over time, these slights build up and leave you […]

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