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Kari Randall, LPC is a therapist at LaunchPad Counseling in Richmond, VA. She joins men and women who deal with the emotional toll of being diagnosed with genetic predispositions. By creating a safe space to explore the myriad of thoughts and feelings that come up for her clients, Kari provides emotional support and practical information that guides the decision-making process. For more info on Kari, you can visit her Bio. If you would like to make an appointment, you can sign up here or call us at (804) 665-4681.

Genetically Predisposed for Cancer: Now What?

Next Steps, When Find You Are Genetically Predisposed for Cancer

I knew they would ask me all kinds of questions about my family health history during my initial appointment at a new gynecologist. But the news my doctor gave me after going through my forms was completely unexpected. She explained to me that I was at risk of having the BRCA mutation.  “The what mutation?”  I asked, totally confused and concerned about what she would say next. My doctor then explained how my family history of pre-menopausal breast cancer indicated a high risk for both breast and ovarian cancer.  This pattern was somehow related to a genetic mutation.  She referred me to a genetic counselor who would help me understand the whole thing better and make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Genetic Testing

Deciding whether or […]

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