Nicole O-Pries, LCSW

About Nicole Pries

Nicole O-Pries helps kids and adults reduce the effects of trauma, grief, and anxiety through EMDR therapy.

Nicole firmly believes that all people have the ability to thrive after difficult circumstances.

At LaunchPad, Nicole specializes in EMDR, a psychotherapy that reduces emotional distress related to trauma or other disturbing life experiences. EMDR differs from other psychotherapies, because it involves less talking. Instead, it calms the stress response that past situations cause in the mind and body. Once these situations cause less stress, it allows clients to process difficult memories without becoming overwhelmed. Because it is so different from other therapies, it can be implemented in addition to or instead of your current therapy for a brief period of time (4-10 weeks).

Through EMDR, clients can:

• Deal more effectively with negative emotions and sensations

• Reduce physical reactions to past trauma

• Decrease stress related to difficult experiences

Whether you are looking for support through a recent change or have been struggling with difficult circumstances for a longer time, you will find Nicole’s calming presence and years of experience to be a great resource.

Nicole is a Certified Family Trauma Professional and Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked as a therapist and clinical supervisor in counseling programs that have helped children and adults navigate life after experiencing violence. In 2010, she received Style Weekly’s Top 40 under 40 award for her leadership of ChildSavers’ Trauma Response Program. In addition to her work at LaunchPad Counseling, Nicole currently works as an Assistant Professor in the VCU School of Social Work.


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